$1.4 Billion in Funding is Needed to Implement Existing TB Interventions

Funding TB or any other global health issue cannot and should not come from any one entity. Tuberculosis is today and must remain a shared responsibility with impacted countries assuming responsibility for treating most patients. Today 80% of the cost of TB is born by the countries themselves and other funders support principally the treatment of MDR -TB and co-infected patients.

We must challenge all of the global health players involved with TB to take a hard look at their resources and how they are being used. We need to better understand what is being spent on TB and match our findings against the unmet needs. By doing this, we not only can fill in the gaps, we can eliminate duplication and parallel systems and identify and engage synergies that ensure resources are truly additive. Our goal should be to ensure that low-income and the most vulnerable communities worldwide are first, not last, in our efforts to fight TB.